You are so beautiful!
Great God, you are so beautiful!

Hristo Fotev
It is a well known fact that Bulgarian women are amongst the most beautiful creatures in the world. Such beautiful and healthy women are being born now, as children, and grow up in our country. The reason is: our wonderful nature, our favorable climate and our healthful, pure food, which endows their power and harmony to all who are born here. As Dostoevsky said, ‘beauty is harmony, and is intrinsic to the healthy ones’. Our land is rich in herbs as well. Some of them are often found in the world’s treasure-house of herbs, while others can be found on Bulgarian lands only. This is one reason Bulgaria has been the major supplier of valuable raw plant material in the European cosmetics industry for more than 150 years.Today, more than ever, the science of cosmetology has given us the possibility of discovering even more of the favorable effects of medicinal plants on the skin and hair, because Nature has presented us with such an enormous variety of herbs with healthful properties.
“There is no other approach to knowledge except the one through the door, opened by Nature – there is no other truth except the one, found in Nature.” Luther Burbank
The most modern trends in the production of high-quality cosmetics are connected with new discoveries in using pure and natural raw materials, produced without any chemical interference.
The philosophy of the “Bilka” trade-mark products is entirely dependent on this modern trend in cosmetics production, as well as the use of the unique properties of Bulgarian medicinal plants in order to achieve the most positive results on the face, body, and hair.
Our specialists have created the most modern cosmetic and cleansing products possible. These “organic cosmetics” contain more than 70 % pure natural raw materials and are based on plant oils and active substances that are produced in a natural way.
“Bilka” is a Bulgarian brand of high-quality natural cosmetics and cleansers produced according to contemporary technologies and in accordance with the highest European quality standards. “Bilka” series of cosmetics and products create a sense of individuality and allow each user to fulfill their personal desires. They also eliminate common cosmetic problems by using carefully selected natural raw materials and active components, produced in a natural way, without side effects.When you use “Bilka” cosmetics, you can rest assured of using the best treatment for your hair and skin, as you stimulate them to work in their own natural way and to return them to their natural appearance. It is the power of Nature!

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