Bilka Homeopathy Chios Mastiha

Bilka Homeopathy Chios Mastiha TOOTHPASTE
Reduce Plaque

The unique 100% natural water from Chios Mastiha is obtained from a rare kind of tree growing only in the island of Chios in Greece and has a proven antibacterial action.
The toothpaste contains 10% Mastiha Water, which protects the gums, reduces and protects from plaque, improves the blood circulation and freshens your breath. It contains no mint, fluoride as well as no colorants, sweeteners and foam busters dangerous for the health. It is also suitable for people undergoing homeopathic treatment. The natural sweetener Stevia protects the teeth from caries and tooth plaque.
With unique taste and aroma of Chios Mastiha!
Mint free
Fluoride free
SLS free
Sugar free
Paraben free


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