BilkaDent Gingival Gel

BilkaDent Gingival Care
Gums Gel

The gums gel GINGIVAL CARE strengthens and tightens the gums, relieves the problems in the oral cavity and restores the comfort, thanks to the patented formula: extract of 7 healing herbs – chamomile, calendula, St. John’s Wort, mint, elecampane, chicory, plantain, dry extract of liquorice GLYCYRRHIZA GLABRA, tea tree oil (Patent №1938 U1. “BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE AGENT FOR ORAL CARE”), mint oil.
The gums gel is suitable for red and swallowed gums, gingival pockets and when conducting a periodontal maintenance therapy. It can be used by pregnant women and children above 3 years old.
Use: Apply the gel locally on the oral mucosa and/or on the gum tissue with light massage movements 3 times a day. Do not rinse.
For maximum effect use also the other products from the line BilkaDent Gingival Care.


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