Collect 8 smiles and win


Collect 8 smiles and win three vouchers for 200 lv.
In the Facebook game of BilkaDent Expert &Bilkahomeopathy!

Bilkawill make you smile after the holidays with three prizes for 200 lv., which we will draw in January!
Invite 8 of your friends to like the page of BilkaCollectionin Facebook. You can send 1 invitation from each window with a smile on it. After your friend accepts the invitation, the smile will “unlock” and below appears his/ her name.
If the invitation is not accepted, you can use the same “smile” to send other invitations to other friends.
After 8 different friends accept your invitations and the 8 smiles “start to glow”, you participate in the lottery for three 200 lv vouchers, which we hope will make you smile after the holidays!
We will draw the lottery with prizes in January 2014!
Good luck in the game!
Don’t let the health of your smile to luck!
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