Share the healthy habits…

Share the healthy habits that you are openly proud with!

It is sometimes hard to live healthy and environmentally friendly. It is connected to deprivations from some things and more efforts for others, however, it is worthy! Besides, it is a reason to be proud. And it is inspiring for the people around you!
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Share your healthy habits, which you have adopted or the unhealthy habits that you have abandoned. Send us your experiences on e-mail together with your names to participate in the lottery with prizes in the end of October.
This time BilkaCollectionwill invest in something useful and wanted by three of the participants – three prizes of 200 lv. With these money you can sign in for a course by your choice, that you have dreamed of, to invest in learning or developing an inspiring hobby or for another activity that you want, which will be healthy and useful for you!
We are expecting you!
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