From March 2011 you can find us in the pharmacies, drug stores, supermarkets – the new series of Krasnaya Liniya Bulgaria – BilkaDENT EXPERT.
The series contains extremely effective prophylactics products for daily oral hygiene:
BilkaDENT EXPERT Parodont protecttoothpaste antiparadontitis action
The toothpaste has clinically tested enhanced anti-inflammatory effect. It is suitable for daily oral care and prophylactics of gingival inflammation, tightening and strengthening the gums.;
BilkaDENT EXPERT Parodont protectMouth wash against inflammations in the oral cavity
The biologically active components included in the constitution have clinically proven antibacterial and plaque cleaning action. It is recommended for gingivitis treatment, gums strengthening and strong anti cavity protection.
BilkaDENT EXPERT WhiteningToothpaste with whitening action
Effectively removes stains /spots/ and restores the natural whiteness of the teeth, spares the gums and has anti-inflammatory effect.
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